Saturday, July 5, 2014

Podcast Update 7/5

Got a batch of podcasts put up yesterday...

That Comic Book Addict Episode 7-9
Wraps up the Doctor Who reviews from IDW. Next week the first of the final two recap episodes... might get 11 out too so new episodes come faster.

Equestria Forever Episode 3
Reviewing Friends Forever #6, the start of The Great and Powerful Summer of Trixie.

Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 2-3
IDW America's Army and Antarctic Press Time Lincoln (Episode 3) and President Evil.

Next update
Equestria Forever #4
That Comic Book Addict #10-#11
That New Android Podcast

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Podcast Updates 7/1

Got a few updates.

Completed a new week of episodes a few days late but all done.
Old Time Breakdown Episode 6
The conclusion of My Favorite Husband (Halloween 1949) and a few tidbits from Pony in a Box.
Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 2
America's Army #9-#2, Action Presidents : Washington and President Evil #1
Equestria Forever Episode 3
MLP Friends Forever #1-#2 & #6

I am going to upload those to 4shared shortly, and upload those as well as That Comic Book Addict Wikinut Episodes 7-9 soon. Stay tuned for updates.

This coming weekend (July 4-6) brings the following.
That New Android Podcast Episode 6
Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 3
America's Army #3-#5, President Evil #2, Time Lincoln #1-#2
Equestria Forever Episode 4
Ongoing #17-#20... heaven forbid if Amazon can get their act together and stop screwing up we might get this review done.

Stay tuned.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Podcast Update 6/27

So uploaded the new revamp of Comic Addict, That Comic Book Addict, and put up the first 6 episodes as well as the first episode of Old Time Breakdown. Tomorrow putting up Episodes 7-9 of Comic Addict and Episodes 2-5 of Breakdown.

So just need to check my schedule and see if there is anymore backlog to post... probably retool Equestria Retro before posting. Stay tuned.

Working on this week's podcasts today and tomorrow. Update coming soon.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Podcast Update 6/23

Ok so wrapped up today's uploads adding Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 1, Equestria Forever Episode 1-2 and That New Android Podcast Episode 1-5.

Tomorrow adding Old Time Breakdown and Equestria Retro. Stay tuned.

Is anyone having difficulties downloading New Old Comic Book Addict Wikinut?

Ugh. Maybe it's just that Android tablet but please post in the comments below if your having problems. Damn. Might be the opening. Oh well, until that is looked into I won't go back to working on that until last.

Podcast Update 6/23

Ok put That New Android Podcast up, next up is Digital Scribbles Wikinut which will be short, 1 episode presently. Next up is Equestria Forever, 2 episodes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Podcast Update 6/23

Well uploading New stuff to Mediafire is slow going but it's going. Today I got New Old Comic Book Addict Wikinut Episode 1-4 up. Today I'm posting something else, and keep posting until I am all up to date. Stay tuned.